GOTOpia February 2021

Tuesday Feb 9
16:00 –
Room 2
Wednesday Feb 10
14:50 –
Room 1

How Microteams Change the Way We Collaborate. Again

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Introducing the next evolution in autonomous collaboration in the age of agile and remote working

Over the years, the way organizations and teams operate in software development has changed quite a bit. From projects where teams were sliced vertically per discipline, to multi-disciplinary and cross-functional teams in agile approaches and frameworks.

Now, as a consequence of increasing velocity, remote working, DevOps, DevSecOps, and continuous delivery, we are on the move again. In Sander's vision, teams will be even smaller than in agile, work in much shorter cycles than in Scrum, and become much more fluent. Sander has been experimenting with collaboration in teams for years and reasons about this next evolution of collaboration as domains, streams, and microteams.

This talk illustrates how organizations and teams doing software and product development can transition to focus on delivering value using the ever-evolving and self-organizing power of microteams and how to get there using a combination of models, such as Cynefin, moving beyond agile and Scrum, innovation funnels and backlogs, autonomy, and fewer rules.