GOTOpia February 2021

Tuesday Feb 9
12:10 –
Room 1
Wednesday Feb 10
11:10 –
Room 3

Cloud Native Development Without the Toil: An Overview of Practices and Tooling


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At GOTO Amsterdam in 2019 I presented how to create an effective cloud native developer workflow. Two years later and many new developer technologies have come and gone, but I still hear daily from cloud developers about the pain and friction associated with building, debugging, and deploying to the cloud. In this talk I'll share my latest learning on how to bring the fun and productivity back into delivering Kubernetes-based software.

Join this talk to:

  • Learn why the core tenets of continuous delivery -- speed and safety -- must be considered in all parts of the cloud native SDLC
  • Explore how cloud native coding benefits from thinking separately about the inner development loop, continuous integration, continuous deployment, observability, and analysis
  • Understand how cloud native best practices and tooling fit together. Learn about artifact syncing (e.g. Skaffold), dev environment bridging (e.g. Telepresence), GitOps (e.g. Argo), and observability-focused monitoring (e.g. Prometheus, Jaeger)
  • Explore the importance of cultivating an effective cloud platform and associated team of experts
  • Walk away with an overview of tools that can help you develop and debug effectively when using Kubernetes