Agile Team Health Check
GOTOpia February 2021

Agile Team Health Check

Thursday Feb 11
09:00 –
399.00 EUR

The Team Health Check is a self-assessment process for Agile teams who want to improve the way they work together to meet project outcomes. Results are tracked over time so that the team can see growth and identify new areas for improvement. The Team Health Check is a great way to take the temperature of a team as you start down a path of continuous improvement.

During this masterclass, we’ll discuss:

  • Team dynamics and why team health checks are important.
  • Tools and models to implement health checks with your team(s).
  • How to facilitate a team health check that includes the agenda, metrics, assessment, analysis, and a growth plan.

This workshop will also include breakout and hands-on activities that will provide you with the opportunity to experience each stage of a team health check. After this workshop, you will have the basic tools to begin the process of implementing health checks in your own organization.


  • Understand why team health checks are important.
  • Learn how to set up and facilitate team health checks in both co-located and distributed environments.
  • Receive a virtual toolkit of downloadable templates to use in your organization.
  • Receive an Agile Team Health Check digital credential and Professional Development Units (PDUs) upon completion.
  • Receive a 1 hour complimentary consultation session post-class.

Who Should Attend

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, or anyone interested in learning how to implement a team health check in their organization. While many of the strategies discussed apply directly to Agile and Scrum environments, they can be applied in any business or tech organization that is striving for continuous improvement.