Zero to 60 Unit Testing in C#
GOTOpia February 2021

Zero to 60 Unit Testing in C#

Thursday Feb 11
09:00 –
399.00 EUR

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In this masterclass we will learn essential unit testing and test-driven skills and techniques for writing unit tests in a readable, maintainable, and trustworthy fashion, so that we can feel more confident in our code, make it simpler, and save ourselves time in debugging and maintaining our code base.

  • Learn how to write readable, maintainable, trustworthy unit tests using C#,XUnit, NUnit and other unit testing tools and frameworks.
  • Learn how to refactor and test legacy code, and what to do when we cannot change existing code.
  • Learn the principles of Test Driven Development, and develop new features using TDD.
  • Learn how to Pair Program, and experience it throughout the course
  • Learn about mocks, stubs fakes, and the difference between them
  • Learn about Isolation(mocking) frameworks, how they work, and why some frameworks are more capable than others

Interactive Agenda

  • The first unit test, Entry points & Exit Points
  • Basic XUnit/NUnit APIs, test runners, tips and tricks
  • Writing readable tests
  • Test Driven Development Introduction
  • TDD Kata Exercises
  • Understanding Fakes, Mocks, and Stubs
  • Hand Written Fakes, Stubs, and Mocks
  • Interaction Test Exercises
  • Isolation Frameworks: Constrained and Unconstrained
  • Isolation Framework Comparisons (Moq, FakeItEasy, NSubstitute)
  • Interaction Test Exercises part 2
  • Unit Testing Good Practices
  • Legacy Code Refactoring Essential Techniques
  • Exercises in Legacy Refactoring