Domain-Driven Design
GOTOpia February 2021

Domain-Driven Design

Thursday Feb 11
09:00 –

This masterclass aims at giving you an in-depth overview of the strategic part of domain-driven design. Strategic domain-driven design is a powerful methodology for designing large systems in a decoupled and especially decentralized manner. By identifying clear boundaries between bounded contexts and by matching them to the business architecture (subdomains) and the organization of teams (context maps / team topologies) you can make sure that a lot of work can stay within a team. This leads to faster development cycles and a higher quality due to specialization.

This masterclass teaches you how to work with these ideas and how to apply them to the real world.

Training Outline

  • Brief overview of domain-driven design
  • Problem vs solution space
  • How to understand your problem space better and how to identify good boundaries for your problem domain
  • Subdomains and their categories
  • Bounded contexts
  • Correlation between bounded contexts and subdomains
  • How to identify bounded contexts
  • Bounded contexts in monoliths and microservices
  • Context maps

Each participant gets a rebate coupon for Michael’s DDD book on Leanpub as well.