GOTOpia Europe 2020

Wednesday Sep 16
09:30 –
Social Room

Mindful Start Into an Agile Day

Note that this room will close 5-10 minutes after the start of the session, so please be on time

This session is set up to prime you for the information-packed conference day ahead.

It's likely you're recently finding yourself among a lot of change. Changes in how we organize our work and what our product or service is. And for some of us, this gets combined with fears around our economic future, our health and the health of loved ones.

In a certain way this change is like agile at its extreme. A lot of change, some of it is out of our control, and we still want to act smartly in uncertainty.

This is exactly a situation where a mindfulness practice helps. Mindfulness can support you in staying grounded and calm and to act from a place of concentration and clarity. It will help you personally and as a consequence your organization.

During this session, Markus Wittwer will guide you through a meditation that is specially designed to help you witness all the changes that you are in so that you can focus fully on the day ahead.