GOTOpia Europe 2020

Wednesday Sep 16
14:50 –
Room 4

The Asynchronous Enterprise


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GitLab has grown from 9 people in 2014 to over 900 people in 55 different countries with a valuation of almost $3 billion. Join Abubakar as he reveals the not-so-secret sauce that GitLab has leveraged to achieve this growth.

Writing down decisions, asynchronous communication, measuring results and not hours — companies often aspire to these goals. However, in an all-remote company, they aren't aspirational — they are requirements.

In this talk, Abubakar will tell you all about his journey with GitLab and talk about their company values, such as collaboration, results, efficiency, diversity & inclusion, iteration and transparency. All this without having any office, headquarters or anything that looks like one.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • A view on GitLab's exceptional journey as a company
  • How to maintain values in a rapidly growing company
  • How to successfully work in an office-less company
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