GOTOpia Europe 2020

Wednesday Sep 16
14:50 –
Room 2
Thursday Sep 17
12:10 –
Room 4
Friday Sep 18
10:00 –
Room 3

3 Ways to Gradually Adopt GraphQL on the Frontend Without Writing a Single Line of Backend Code

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GraphQL is taking the frontend world by storm. We've all heard about the benefits of using it. But sometimes it might be hard to adopt GraphQL, especially if we have no access or control over the backend.

In this talk, Uri will demonstrate three different ways of getting most of the benefits of using GraphQL, all within the boundaries of your front-end app without needs to change or add any backends.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • Three different ways of how to approach GraphQL
  • How to introduce GraphQL without needs to change the backend

What GOTO attendees have said about past versions of this talk:

  • Very interesting! Never thought to write a graphQL server on the client
  • Uri answered the question of the title and gave practical ways to implement it. Uri is also very very helpful in the chat.