GOTOpia November 2020

Tuesday Nov 10
16:00 –
Room 4
Wednesday Nov 11
14:50 –
Room 1

Agile Change Management in a Nutshell


It sounds simple, but the list of problems go on and on when organizations are striving to become "Agile". Examples include:

  • Less than desired commitment and understanding from top management
  • External consultants owning both the change process and the results
  • Success measured by the number of teams trained
  • Focus on mechanics and one-size-fits all frameworks
  • Small successful pilots providing little or know knowledge on how to succeed at an organizational scale
  • Scaling what should not be scaled
  • Agile only at the team-level
  • Implementing new processes on top of a structure that does not support them
  • Big bang implementations - using a waterfall approach to change the complex adaptive system of an organization

Not only have we experienced them all - but we are also guilty of making most of those mistakes ourselves. In this presentation we will share war-stories from the last decade. The mistakes we made, driven by good intentions, and our latest approach which has proven considerably more successful. It challenges both consultants (less money) and organizations (more responsibility) alike, but results are not only better but also lasting.

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