GOTOpia February 2021

Tuesday Feb 9
13:40 –
Room 1

Kickstarting Your Azure Pipeline with Templates

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Azure pipeline templates are a powerful way of scaling your CI/CD pipelines throughout your organization. When combining it with software engineering practices it becomes a powerful tool in speeding up the build and release work done by DevOps teams.

Templates facilitate the creation of scalable, parameterized pipelines that can be unit tested and ensure pipeline immutability while remaining a consistent and transparent single source of truth.

The ING DevOps engineering team has created a way to build and deploy JVM applications in the cloud to be consumed by multiple teams from the entire tribe and more by using templates developed in Azure DevOps with the goal to automate a pipeline end to end, from code to runtime.

To achieve this, they wrote code to automate everything and also created a system to manage these pipelines. Some other objectives they set for themselves were:

  • maintenance of the pipeline must be low
  • the pipeline must have a versioning in place as to not break consumers pipelines when we update it
  • it must be flexible, for different languages and applications
  • any of their colleagues should be able to contribute, using an open source model

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • How Azure pipeline templates can scale your CI/CD pipelines organization-wide
  • How Azure pipeline templates can help speed up your DevOps team's build and release cycle
  • How ING are utilizing and managing their DevOps pipelines