Sander Hoogendoorn
Speaker at GOTOpia February 2021

Sander is an independent dad, speaker, writer, and traveler. He is a freelance code philosopher, CTO, software architect, programmer, and beyond-agile coach. He helps organizations, teams, and individuals to change and improve or even disrupt their ways of working, their technology stack, their architectures, and foremost their code. Currently, as the CTO at e-commerce iBood, and architecture coach at software vendor MendriX, previously as chief architect at IoT scale-up Quby and as CTO for software vendor ANVA and insurer Klaverblad. Before going freelance in 2015, Sander was Capgemini's global agile thought-leader for ten years.

Sander has been writing code since 1984 and still codes every day. Sander also authored books on agile, modeling, and web tools, and published tons of articles in international magazines. Sander is an inspiring (keynote) speaker at international conferences on diverse topics such as disruption, culture, (beyond) agile, continuous delivery, microteams, (no) software estimation, smart use cases, design patterns, monads, software architecture, microservices, and last but not least about writing beautiful code.

Topic focus: Architecture

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Talks at GOTOpia February 2021

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